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Ħin: 2022-12-09 Viżti: 5

  Recently, Se´verine Sabia from University of London, together with scholars from several research institutions, used the Whitehall II cohort data with a follow-up time of 25 years to analyze and investigate the relationship between sleep time and the incidence of the first chronic disease and the subsequent morbidity and mortality of various diseases, suggesting the best sleep time for the elderly. The research results were recently published in the famous journal Plos medicine.


  Studies have found that short sleep time is related to the increased risk of multiple diseases. Compared with people who get enough sleep for 7 hours a night, the reported sleep duration at the age of 50, 60 and 70 is ≤5 hours, which is related to the increased risk of multiple diseases by 30%, 32% and 40% respectively.

  But is it healthy to sleep more? No! Sleeping time ≥9 hours at the age of 60 and 70 is related to the increased risk of multiple diseases by 54% and 51% respectively.


  These important findings have sounded the alarm for the elderly. The older they are, the greater the risk of diseases caused by lack of sleep, but it is not advisable to sleep too long. The data show that participants who sleep for 7 hours have the lowest risk of multiple diseases.

  Professor Sun Xuejun also talked about whether hydrogen can improve sleep. Professor Sun said that there are many reasons for insomnia, and there are about five types. Environmental factors, physiological factors (jet lag), psychological factors (major events), mental reasons (depression), physical diseases. For these reasons, hydrogen can produce effects, including depression, which is a common mental illness. Some studies have found that hydrogen has certain effects. For physical diseases, most of them are those with inflammation and pain, and these diseases can often be relieved by hydrogen.

Professor Sun Xuejun believes that from the perspective of anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation of hydrogen, it can explain the reason why hydrogen improves sleep to some extent.

  A large number of studies have found that hydrogen has preventive effects on various organ injuries caused by sleep apnea syndrome, and there are many researches in this area in Hebei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This research shows that hydrogen can reduce the pathological damage of people with poor sleep.

  Hydrogen can improve depression animals, and Hebei Medical University and Second Military Medical University have done some research in this area. Japanese scholars also found that hydrogen water can improve anxiety caused by work stress, improve sleep quality, and reduce sympathetic nerve excitement during sleep. This research shows that hydrogen can alleviate some important diseases that may lead to insomnia.

  It is very prudent to use drugs for sleep problems. We should not only consider the effect of drugs, which is disappointing, but also consider that it can't bring serious side effects, which is often disappointing. Therefore, the sleep problem is very big, and the solution is not enough. The preliminary clues suggest that hydrogen has obvious effect on improving sleep, while hydrogen has a sufficient foundation in safety, especially in long-term use. If the elderly can't sleep well, they can try using hydrogen, inhaling hydrogen before going to bed, drinking a cup of hydrogen water and soaking their feet in hydrogen ~


In a word, the rumor that the elderly feel less sleep is not credible, which may be a dangerous signal to their health. Sleep well, sleep well, and live a long and healthy life.